Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School

Welcome from the Head of School

Sir Henry Floyd is a co-educational grammar school that does not stand still. We deliver a contemporary, forward-looking and challenging curriculum, which continues to reimagine, refresh and reinvent.

We innovate and invest, to ensure we deliver a grammar school education of today.

Our staff and students belong to a diverse community of courageous, empathetic and creative learners, with a shared mission of achieving exceptional outcomes. Our school has an undeniable sense of community and we are immensely proud of our staff and students’ desire to excel. Our results are excellent, but our motivation also stems from providing an educational experience that fosters belonging.

We nurture a culture of psychological safety, so that our inclusive community is not afraid of challenge; we believe that taking risks and pushing boundaries to explore new things takes courage. It’s about togetherness – building an environment that spurs each other on to achieve. Developing ‘dare to try’ attitudes will ensure that our staff remain at the forefront of education and our students leave Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School as enterprising young adults.

For prospective students interested in joining our community:

Discover your passion:
Groundbreaking scientists. Visionary mathematicians. Awe-inspiring artists. Our broad curriculum and eye-opening extra-curricular programme encourages all students to find their interests and pursue them ambitiously.

Grow into your best self:
A contemporary grammar school education should be transforming. We take time getting to know your strengths, weaknesses and learning preferences, to ensure our teaching maximises your potential. Our mission is to achieve exceptional outcomes for you.

Feel supported by your peers:
Our students have a selfless streak; they want you to succeed. We nurture a culture where knowledge is shared between students and where you’ll experience the camaraderie and encouragement you need.

Unleash your creativity:
Your bright ideas could change the world. We champion imaginative thinking and innovative use of technology, sparking you to think outside of the box and set your imagination free.

Experience a diverse community:
All genders, ethnicities and religions are represented on our diverse campus, ensuring a healthy breadth of worldview. You will feel part of a community; a place where you will not only learn, but also belong.

Excel beyond the school gates:
We have created an environment where you can launch an exciting journey. You will be challenged, but given every opportunity to succeed, not only in the classroom but, ultimately, in adult life.

Above all, we want everyone to thrive at school. We place paramount importance on wellbeing, supporting students at every step with professional mentoring and regular touchpoints with pastoral leads. We want you to leave school with your head held high.

Mr Sam Holdsworth
Head of School

Pupils and sixth form students flourish at this school. 


The school goes out of its way to provide students with nurture, care and an outstanding educational experience.


The behaviour of pupils is exemplary. They are very mature and respectful. All pupils have a strong work ethic.

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