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World Challenge

Fancy hiking through ancient rainforests in Borneo or learning about glass recycling at Eswatini? Or perhaps you would prefer to volunteer at Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica - The world is your oyster at Sir Henry Floyd.

World Challenge Adventures Video

The Experience

At SHFGS we offer an opportunity to come on a life-changing journey to different destinations where you live the world through their own eyes, make your own experiences, and your own true self while staying in the safe hands of experienced World Challenge Leaders. Walking the paths of mountains or tropics you are becoming a true citizen of the world. Join us as we travel to the unbeaten routes across the world. 

Here are the places that Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School students already travelled to over the years:

Our next two trips:

Costa Rica in 2023

South Tanzania in 2024

SHFGS Support

Once signed up for the program, students and parents are advised to contact World Challenge directly with any questions about the expeditions. We have a dedicated team of teachers at SHFGS who have been on several World Challenge expeditions and others who are avid travellers. Here, in our school, they run sessions and support students in organising fundraising events and informational sessions on Global Citizenship, kitt and many others. 


We launch the expeditions to students at the beginning of year 11 with an idea that they have at least a year and a half to raise funds before they go on the trip in the summer before they start year 13. When signing up in year 11, the student must be intending to stay at SHFGS for the sixth form. If you fail to achieve the grades to get into the 6th form, you will still be able to attend the expedition, but you must be prepared to respond to all communications, attend all relevant meetings and adhere to the school's behaviour policy on the expedition itself. Any students not at the school at the time of the expedition and during the expedition preparation will be required to sign an agreement with these terms.


Please visit the World Challenge website for more information: 

If you have any further questions about World Challenge at SHFGS, contact the co-curricular lead: