Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School

School Closure

Closing the school is only undertaken when we have no alternative. The reasons for this can vary but could include poor weather, a loss of heating, because of instruction by the local health authority, or transportation issues (for both students and staff).

In most cases, a school closure will be announced prior to the start of the school day although this may not always be the case. If we do have to close during the school day we will ensure that all parents are informed of this as the decision is taken. It is important that all parents/carers take responsibility, in advance, for ensuring that their child is able to access their home independently in such circumstances or that arrangements have been made for them to go to another person’s home.

Please do not ring the school switchboard as this only impacts on our ability to communicate effectively with everyone.

If circumstances dictate that the school needs to close, the following communication processes will be followed in all cases and they will be updated daily throughout the period:

  • The school website will contain information on the Homepage, in the ‘Latest News’ section. This will be the main reference area for all up to date information concerning the school's closure and will be updated as changes occur.
  • BBC Three Counties Radio will make announcements throughout the day listing those schools closed.
    Buckinghamshire Council will contain school closure information for all schools throughout the county on the website link below:


  • When possible, parents and carers will receive an email.
  • Students will be set work for lessons missed on the subject-specific ‘Google Classroom’ in the same way as for lesson resources and homework.

Google Classroom