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Year 7 - Questions and Answers

Questions asked about Transition of year 6 students to Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School (September 2020) 


Q1: These children missed SATS this year,  so I was wondering if they would get some extra exam prep to make up for this and get them used to exam conditions?

A: All students are prepared for exam revision and practise through our PSHE+ programme later in the year. Before that point, students will experience tests and assessments, for which staff will teach students what to do and how to prepare.  


Q2: Do we know when information will be sent out about buses?

A: Unfortunately, no. This information comes from the transport dept of county council. Contact Buckinghamshire County Council. Please see our website and your Welcome Pack for the Transport & Travel page in the Parent & Student Information Pack, for an overview of all transport and travel information which includes links and contact information.  


Q3: Do parents need to pay for the lockers at school? 

A: Yes they do. The form to complete for lockers was in the original Welcome pack. However in the first half term at least lockers will not be available.  


Q4: Is the Parent presentation being sent out? 

A: Yes, the presentation will be put on the website, under Transition resources for further reference. 


Q5: When will the students know about what working group they’re in/ what languages they are doing?

A: Later this week, an email will be sent home with this and more information. 


Q6: Was there an email to confirm payment or order of the chromebook? 

A: Yes, this was sent Friday 27 June and can now be found on the website under Transition at the bottom of the Transition resources page 


Q7: Will there be a delay to the September start?

A: It is unlikely, but we simply don’t know yet! Communication will be sent home about the start of term arrangements, in advance of the date. At present we are planning for year 7 to have a day on site without the rest of the school on the first day of term, so they will have the same “induction day” experience they would have had in July, including a tour of the school and ice-breaker activities with their tutor and tutor group.  


Q8:  Under the current restrictions, will I need to buy PE kit like football/rugby boots for my child?

A: Yes please!  We are planning for the unusual circumstances; even with the limitations in place, the PE and Games sessions will take place. These will just be in a different format. 


Q9: Do the pupils study the same two languages up until Year 9? 

A:Yes they do, in order to build a solid foundation for possible GCSE selection.


Q10: Kindly provide more details of Student group divided between 7.1 to 7.6.On what basis are these student groups divided (is it academic performance in 11 Plus exams)?

A: There is no performance related criteria for organising the classes. We aim to create balance spread across: gender, SENd, Pupil Premium, different primary schools and 11+ scores


Q11: Can my child select two languages for him to study?

A: The opportunity to express a preference has now expired. Classes and thus languages have been allocated to students


Q12: If Canteen is opening on the first day of the school, will cash be accepted ?

A:Cash will not be needed. Alternative arrangements may be temporarily set up, for example all students bringing packed lunches or the school lending money for lunch through their accounts(ParentMail). Decisions about this are yet to be made and communicated.


Q13: When will the different accounts be available to pay into in our ParentMail accounts

A; Different payment options will be added at various stages in September.  Emails/letters will be sent out at this time.  As far as canteen accounts and other cashless accounts, again this will not happen until September when the students officially come onto our school roll.


Q14: Is Parent mail the portal to pay for top-ups for canteen, trips, events, etc.?

A: Yes, that is correct. All payments/purchases should go through ParentMail.



My child would like to learn  how to play a musical instrument. Can we book that through the school? 

A: Yes, the letter is in the online prospectus as an attachment. Parents have to book via that and then places are allocated depending on whether the peripatetic  teacher has space.



What should students do with wet coats? Can they wear coats between lessons in bad weather?

A: For at least the first half term, students may carry their coats with them to lessons. After half term and a review of locker use, this may change and students may be required to keep their coats in their lockers, as usual. 


Q17: Other questions included what to do with chromebooks they already owned to get then ‘registered’ for school use. 

A: Please contact Mr Collins, Assistant Headteacher


Q18: Where can we find a kit list?

A: Uniform list can be found on the school website.Other aspects of school kit were sent to parents in the Welcome Pack in March.