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House System

The six Houses are:

Ascott  –  Claydon  –  Hartwell  -  Mentmore  -  Stowe  - Waddesdon

These are all estates, some owned by the Rothschild family, in the immediate vicinity of Aylesbury. 

House System Co-ordinator: Mr Scott Each House comprises:

  • Head of House, (a member of Staff)
  • Deputy House Captain (x 2)
  • House Sports Council Representatives (who are the Captain’s representative in each Form and who are responsible to the respective House Captains).

House Colours and The Heads of Houses

Ascott (Yellow)

Dr Gallienne

Claydon (Purple)

Mr Perkins


Mrs J Davis

Mentmore (Green)


Stowe (Aqua)

Mrs Malone

Waddesdon (Blue)

Mrs Harkin

House Captains and Deputies are currently being selected and this information will be updated as soon as the decisions have been made. 




















Each student in each year group is assigned to a House, as are all members of the teaching staff. In Years 7-11 this corresponds to the tutor group they are allocated to. It is a school policy to place siblings joining the school into the same House as their brother or sister where possible.

The system provides a vertical structure (to complement the horizontal year groups), a focus for internal competition and offer further opportunities for students to display qualities of teamwork and leadership. In Years 12 and 13 students remain in the House in which they were in up to Year 11 and students new to the Sixth Form are allocated a House.  Every member of staff is allocated to a House except for the Headteacher.

House Points are awarded throughout the year for competitions for all year groups. Students compete in a variety of activities including various sports, dance, debating, drama, music, public speaking, historical castle design, photography, charity fund raising and, above all, as recognition of effort and achievement for academic work. Any examples of “public spirit”, care for the environment, helpfulness to members of staff and assisting at extra-curricular functions also trigger the reward of achievements, converting into House points.

These points are collected each term and collated. Not only are houses rewarded each half term with house points for the number of achievements received for all students but the system also operates as a running total i.e. each total recorded is calculated from the September of the academic year. The updates are displayed on the House notice boards.

At the end of the academic year a whole day is dedicated to House competition. During the House Cup Day students experience a wider choice of activities; science challenges, enterprise, sport and choirs to name a few. This culminates in a celebration assembly where final performances and awards are shared with the whole school. Once again, this occasion has a vertical theme and Sixth Form ambassadors and students take lead roles in the activity preparation and delivery. 

Each House has its own notice board, in the link corridor on which general House business, events and meetings will be posted. The upkeep and displays on these boards are the responsibility of the House Captains. There is a healthy degree of competition here as well!

There are also five trophy cabinets mounted outside the main Staff Room, one allocated to each House, where cups and other prizes are displayed as a constant reminder progress and achievement. It will also remind each individual of his or her personal contribution and commitment the House.

House Assemblies take place on a regular basis in accordance with the school calendar. They are organised by the House Captains, their Deputies, assisted by the Heads of House when necessary.