Sir Henry Floyd is part of Insignis Academy Trust, working with other schools to create a significant enhancement to the education of students in and around Aylesbury.




At SHFGS, our aim is to inform and excite pupils about the opportunities available to them through school and also UK-wide events. We aim to engage and inspire pupils in order to feel confident about their decisions and choices, whether that be GCSE or A-Level options, degree courses, apprenticeships or work-related learning.

Over the course of time pupils spend with us we offer guidance sessions, interactive events, career briefings and assemblies, Morrisby testing (an aptitude assessment that recommends potential career options), guest speakers, interview training as well as UCAS application support. We aim to ensure that all pupils are well informed and leave SHFGS with the skills required for the working world and beyond.

Students make their first decisions that have an impact on their careers choices in year 9 as they choose the subjects they wish to study at GCSE.  PSHE+ lessons, assemblies and personal time with tutors help to guide students into making sensible choices.

Throughout the year a selection of talks on a variety of careers are offered to students in Years 10 and above. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who would be prepared to come and speak about their profession or experiences. These are great opportunities for students to learn and ask questions about a career that may suit them in the future.

KS3 :

  • Careers Education begins in Year 7 with some PSHE+ lessons devoted to helping students plan for their futures
  • General discussion and individual advice from Form Tutor
  • Morrisby 12+ testing
  • Options Evening and talk
  • Invited to attend biennial Careers Fair


  • Morrisby testing
  • University visits (year 10 enrichment week)
  • One-to-one university interviews and careers questionnaire (year 10 enrichment week)
  • Invited to attend biennial Careers Fair
  • Individual advice from Head of Careers when required
  • In Year 11 every student has a personal interview with a senior member of staff to discuss their post 16 choices.  These tutorials can be supported by interviews with a careers consultant. 


Although the majority of our pupils choose to apply to top universities, they are all encouraged to think about what is really right for them and for some this might be looking at apprenticeships or studying abroad. We speak to every student on an individual basis, and encourage them to explore their career goals and carry out research on what is right for them. Each year we are delighted with the numbers of students who move on to their first choice university or employment.  

  • Guest speaker assemblies
  • UCAS workshops
  • University visit (Birmingham, year 12)
  • Work experience placement (enrichment week, year 12)
  • Once examination results are released at the end of Year 13 we continue to offer support for students who need to change their plans. We also give advice and support to “Year 14” students who have needed to change direction or resubmit applications. 
  • Lessons on Life Skills covering CV writing, personal statements and presentation skills
  • Invited to attend biennial Careers Fair
  • Individual advice from Head of Careers when required
  • General discussion and individual advice from Form Tutor
  • Finding a taster course at university
  • Finding an apprenticeship
  • Taking a gap year
  • Securing work experience (new programme with Careers Ambassadors)
  • Providing contacts with alumni who can provide advice and networking opportunities
  • Developing employability skills


We are keen for employers to work with our students through assemblies, careers fairs or in group settings and 1-to-1s, as we feel our students benefit from these experiences and expertise.  We currently hold a careers fair biennially, welcome guest speakers into all year group assemblies, and require volunteers to support our GCSE and A Level students though interviews and further education preparation.

If you would like to volunteer for an event please contact Miss Emma-Louise Bahra, Head of Careers: or 01296 424781.

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