Sir Henry Floyd is part of Insignis Academy Trust, working with other schools to create a significant enhancement to the education of students in and around Aylesbury.


Parent and Student Handbook Forms

Forms 1-9 must be completed and returned by all new students entering the school:

FORM 1                           Academic Honesty Declaration

FORM 2                           Admission Form – no online version available

FORM 3                           Cashless Catering

FORM 4                           Medical, Trips & Visits

FORM 5                           Locker-Rental-Scheme-New-students-Y7-11

FORM 6                           Network-Internet-Computer-Code-of-Conduct                   

FORM 7                           Currently not in use 

FORM 8                           Partnership Agreement

FORM 9                           Photographic Images Conditions of Use

FORM 10                         Leave-of-Absence-Students

FORM 11                         Permission-to-Administer-Medicine.docx

FORM 12                         Healthcare-Plan.docx 

FORM 13                         SENDCo 

FORM 14                         Free School Meals & Pupil Premium 

FORM 15                         Currently not in use 

FORM 16                         Instrumental Tuition

Please complete these forms after reading The Parent and Student Handbook