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The information below is for students (and their parents/carers) studying GCSE, A Level and International Baccalaureate courses and outlines the procedure followed for those sitting public examinations. In summary terms the Examination boards do not change their timetables for anyone! 

If the school closes (for whatever reason) and we are unable to provide the facility for students to sit a public examination, then the next opportunity would be the following examination session, e.g. if cancelled in January, then it would need to be sat during the next exam session in the summer. The examination schedule is set by the examination boards so there is no leeway on this matter. We will only apply this action if there is no alternative. 

If the school closes but stays open for examinations, those students unable to sit the examination would be in the position noted above, e.g. sitting the examination at next opportunity. As above there is no scope for movement on this. For those students who choose to attend the examination when the rest of the school is closed, they will need to ensure that they have made arrangements to get home safely. Dependent on the weather conditions, public transport may not be running of course. 

In all public examinations we have time limits for when an examination has to start by (e.g. am – 0830-0930, pm – 1230-1330). This is to prevent time lags that could be used to pass exam paper information between students in different schools.

We will review late arrival for the start of public examinations on an individual basis. In general we have a 30 minute time frame when a student may enter an exam hall to start an exam, e.g. 9.00 am start, a student can enter and start the exam up to 9.30am, and will be given the full time period to complete it. The exact late arrival time period allowed may be longer than this as it is dependent on the length of the examination, however 30 minutes is applicable to most. Once the time frame has expired, irrespective of the reason for late arrival a student may not enter an exam and therefore would need to sit it in the next exam session.

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