Sir Henry Floyd is part of Insignis Academy Trust, working with other schools to create a significant enhancement to the education of students in and around Aylesbury.


Available Devices

Which devices are available?

We are currently offering 3 devices to students. These devices are educational models (meaning, they are a more robust design for children in schools) that are not available, to the public, for purchase online.

Our entry level device is the Lenovo 100e

A powerful, portable PC that brings Google Classroom, G Suite for Education, and today’s most popular education apps to the fingertips of students and educators. The 100e is simple to use with just a Google ID students can get to work in a matter of seconds.

For more information on the Lenovo 100e please click here.

Our mid-level device is the Lenovo 300e

With its 10 pt. multi-touch display, the 300e is a true hands-on learning device. Not only can students use the touch screen to take tests, draw and play games, they can also manoeuver it in to four different positionsmaking it the ideal tool for lesson planning, note-taking and engaging with all your favourite education apps.

For more information on the Lenovo 300e please click here.

Our top-level device is the Lenovo 500e

In addition to its Gorilla-Glass HD touch screen, the 500e comes automatically paired with an EMR pen, which can be conveniently stored inside the system after note-taking and interacting with all your favourite education apps. It comes with a world-facing camera and the ability to bend into four different modes.

For more information on the Lenovo 500e please click here.