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The Governors have established three principles that will underpin our detailed uniform/dress code policy:

  1. A policy on uniform/dress code identity within the school.
  2. The security and safety of the school population.
  3. Ensuring that no apparel of any description will be allowed which in the opinion of the Headteacher and Governors would impede the need for teachers and students to relate well together and communicate effectively. 

Please note:

  • Uniform for Years 7-11 is of the standard school type - Fashion items are not acceptable.
  • Trousers must be of a standard, plain school type. These should not have ‘jeans’ styling, external pockets, low cut waists, tapered or wide-leg styles, or turn-ups etc.  A plain black belt may be worn.
  • Skirts must be black, plain and with the pleated design.  Students wearing skirts should ensure that the skirts reach mid-thigh or longer. They must not be shorter nor rolled up to appear shorter.  The waistband must be worn as intended.
  • Students wear a pre-formed tie in Year 7 to Year 11, with buttons of shirts fastened.
  • Head coverings worn for religious reasons, e.g. hijab, should be plain and either white or black in colour, without embellishment/jewelling.
  • For safety reasons shoes must not have a heel higher than 2.5 cms/1inch and may not be of platform-style or resemble trainers in their styling.
  • The Headteacher will make a decision regarding a date during the summer term, dependent on weather conditions, after which blazers will not have to be worn.
  • If a student is found not adhering to the dress-code they will initially be placed on a uniform report, requiring them to have their clothing checked each morning and receive a signature of approval by the relevant member of staff. Failure to adhere to the dress code subsequent to this will result in a student being sent home and/or internally excluded for the remainder of the day. 
  • Persistent breaches of the dress code will result in students being sent home and/or excluded.

Daywear - All

For years 7 to 11

Blazer Standard style, plain buttons, side pockets, with badge
*Blazer must be purchased from Bucks Schoolwear Plus

Black v neck jumper Black V-neck jumper, long sleeved or sleeveless

*No round necks or cardigans

LS shirt Long sleeved button-up white shirt

*Short sleeved button-up is also allowed 

Black trousers Black trousers

Black pleated skirt Black, pleated skirt with waist pelmet

Ascot tie Ascot tie

Claydon tie Claydon tie

Hartwell tie Hartwell tie

Mentmore tie Mentmore tie

Stowe tie Stowe tie

Waddesdon tie Waddesdon tie

Socks (standard school type) long or short, black or white

Tights (plain, no patterns) black or flesh coloured

Shoes (standard school type with flat heels) black

Plain (plain design) black, grey or navy

Performing Arts - All

Performing Arts T-Shirt (with school badge)

Black Jogger Trousers

Black Lycra Leggings

Physical Education

Compulsory Items

Nike Park VII Dri FIT short sleeve Nike Park VII Dri-FIT Short Sleeve Shirt

Nike Dri FIT III Shorts Nike Dri-FIT Park III Shorts

Nike Academy 21 Dri FIT Nike Academy 21 Dri-FIT 1/4 Zip Midlayer 

Ascot SocksAscot Nike Classic II Socks - Ascot

Claydon Socks Nike Classic II Socks - Claydon

Mentmore Socks Nike Classic II Socks - Mentmore

Hartwell Nike Classic II Socks - Hartwell

Stowe Socks Nike Classic II Socks - Stowe

Waddesdon Socks Nike Classic II Socks - Waddesdon

*Initials on PE Kit are optional

Click here to view optional items that are available.

Personal Appearance - All






7 & 8

9, 10 & 11


No ‘extreme’ or unconventional styles

Natural hair colours only. 

Braid and extensions are allowed but only in natural colours.

To leave the face clear.

May need to be tied back for safety reasons.

*The Headteacher reserves the right to decide what constitutes ‘extreme’ e.g. no patterned shaving/lines

Facial Hair

All male students are expected to be clean shaven without extended sideburns. 

Nail varnish

No nail varnish is permitted other than neutral.



If makeup is worn, it should be very discreet, almost unnoticeable; otherwise students may be asked to remove it.

None permitted