Worried About a Child?

Year 7 - Buddies

Sir Henry Floyd is a place where students feel supported by their peers. We encourage selflessness in our students, a compassion for others and a desire to see them succeed. This is why our 'buddy' system is so popular.

How our Buddy system works:

Each form group has five 'buddies' attached to it from our current Year 9. Buddies will work with Year 7 students weekly during registration and help the younger students to get to know the school, as well as each other. 

Buddies will visit the Year 7 tutor groups one registration a week to carry out focussed activities in small groups with the  students. These activities are aimed at helping new students adjust to life at Sir Henry Floyd Grammar school.They also keep an eye out for their allocated tutees during school breaks and bus/train journeys. They are committed to ensuring the well-being of your child.


Buddies 2023-24