Sir Henry Floyd Grammar SchoolOxford Road, Aylesbury, HP21 8PE

Tel: 01296 424781

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General Enquiries

Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School Oxford Road, Aylesbury, HP21 8PE

Tel: 01296 424781


To report a child's absence, or for general absence enquiries, please email


For academic queries, please contact the subject teacher in the first instance.


Mrs Angie Adkins Teacher
Miss Katy Badger Faculty Leader
Mrs Susan Bourne Teacher
Mrs Amy Malone Teacher
Ms Shauni McCrorie Teacher
Mrs Della Ormston Teacher
Mr Chris Spencer Head of Computing


Mr Aaron Kendall Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Elizabeth Brooks Faculty Leader
Mr Sam Clark Teacher
Mr Niall Fleming Teacher/
Head of Year 8 & 9
Mrs Carol Innes Teacher
Mrs Pauline Kelly Teacher
Miss Amanda Payne Teacher
Mrs Eve Weinberg Teacher/
Head of Year 11


Mr Matt Williams Faculty Leader
Mrs Hannah Bunn Teacher
Mrs Emma Cerioni Teacher
Mrs Fay Cooper Teacher/
Head of Sixth Form
Miss Suzanne Davis Second in Faculty
Mrs Zoe Dixon Teacher
Mr Oliver Josephson Teacher/ Head of Year 7
Miss Phillipa Moran Subject Leader
Mrs Ali Williams Teacher


Mrs Nicola Elliott Second in Faculty
Mrs Sarah Goodman Faculty Leader
Mrs Katie Belcher Second in Faculty
Mrs Amy Chapman Teacher
Miss Nikita Choudhury Teacher
Miss Heidi Dickman Teacher
Mr Keith Dyke Teacher
Ms Marta Faria Teacher
Mr Jon Lewin Teacher
Mr Alan Patrick Mackerras Teacher


Mr Graham Maddocks Faculty Leader
Mrs Katy Dixon-Rajkovchevska Subject Leader
Mrs Vivienne Kemp Teacher
Mrs Adele Bradley Teacher/
Head of Year 10
Ms Pia Trimborn Teacher

Performing Arts

Miss Emma-Louise Bahra Subject Leader
Mrs Michelle Burnitt Teacher
Mrs Pippa Fisher-Coldwell Subject Leader
Mrs Melissa Wooller Teacher/ Assistant
Head of Sixth Form
Mr John Wilkinson Teacher

Physical Education

Mr Greg Boult Director of Sport
Mrs Sophie Allison Teacher
Mr Kieran Perkins Teacher
Mrs Rachel Selby Head of Curriculum
Miss Hannah Smith Teacher


Mrs Leana Cunningham Teacher
Mrs Julie Davis Teacher
Ms Sarah Evans Teacher
Dr Alice Galliene Subject Leader
Mrs Aimee Garrood Teacher
Mr Paul Hand Subject Leader
Mr Daniel Haneef Teacher
Mrs Debbie Harkin Faculty Leader
Mrs Usha Koshal Subject Leader
Ms Alison Lawler Teacher
Ms Jugraty Ravjee Teacher
Ms Gardeliya Talipova Teacher
Mrs Trisha Yearwood Teacher

Social Science

Mr Davis Adams Teacher
Miss Esme Boyce Teacher
Mrs Louise Burton Teacher
Mrs Jemma Eaton-Nikkhah Teacher
Mrs Shireen Goodman Teacher
Ms Uzma Latif Teacher
Mrs Julie Pilkington Teacher
Dr Adrian Twissell Teacher


For pastoral related queries, please contact your child's form tutor in the first instance.

Year 7 - Head of Year, Mr Josephson,

7A Mr Perkins
7C Mr Boult
7H Ms Evans
7M Mrs Kemp
7S Miss Boyce
7W Mr Hand

Years 8 and 9 - Head of Year, Mr Fleming,

8A Miss Talipova
8C Mrs Bunn & Ms Trimborn
8H Miss Payne
8M Mrs Cerioni & Mrs Z Dixon
8S Mrs Koshal
8W Mrs Adkins
9A Mrs Ormston
9C Mr Spencer
9H Mr Clark
9M Ms Ravjee
9S Mrs Malone
9W Miss McCrorie

Year 10 - Head of Year, Mrs Bradley,

10A Mr Maddocks
10C Mrs K Dixon-Rajkovchevska
10H Miss March-Ferrer
10M Mrs Garrood
10S Mrs Belcher
10W Mr Lewin

Year 11 - Head of Year, Mrs Weinberg,

11A Miss Choudhury
11C Mr Haneef
11H Mrs J Davis
11M Miss S Davis
11S Miss Moran
11W Mrs Lawler 

Sixth Form - Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Fay Cooper,
                            Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Melissa Wooller,

6A1 Mr Dyke & Mrs Fisher-Coldwell
6A3 Mr Williams
6AC Mrs Faria & Mrs Burton
6C1 Miss Dickman
6C3 Mrs Selby & Mrs Allison
6H3 Mrs Elliott & Mrs Williams
6H2 Miss Badger
6HM Mrs Burnitt & Mr Wilkinson
6M1 Mrs Kelly & Mrs Bourne
6M3 Mrs Harkin & Mr Adams
6S1 Mrs Brooks
6S3 Mrs S J Goodman

Mrs Pilkington &

Mrs Eaton-Nikkhah
6W2 Dr Twissell & Ms Latif



We believe that the health, safety and well-being of every child is our paramount concern. We listen to our pupils and take seriously what they tell us. Our aim is that children will enjoy their time as pupils in this school. 

If you have any safeguarding concerns or questions please email