Vision, Mission & Values


Website photosTo pioneer a grammar school education which equips the visionaries of tomorrow.

Our mixed and inclusive environment gives students a space to challenge each other’s academic perspectives thus shaping their emotional intelligence. Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School provides a learning environment in which students can thrive, unleash their creativity and to excel beyond the school gates. Our school has an undeniable sense of community and we are immensely proud of the conduct and attitude of our students. 

Our Mission

We endeavour to build a diverse community of inquisitive young minds and deliver a contemporary grammar school education which both challenges and inspires.

We give our students the stimuli to spark the imagination and we encourage them to ‘think big’, both inside and outside the classroom.

We create an environment where challenge is welcomed. We motivate our students to push their boundaries, to explore something new and to emerge as visionary young adults.

Our Floydian Scholar values underpin everything we do at SHFGS:

We build resilience...
Bouncing back takes courage. We develop a resolute mindset in each of our students and foster a willingness to take calculated risks, without fear of failure.

We encourage reciprocity...
There is strength in the pack. We champion the exchange of wisdom and guidance between our students, to ensure they grow both individually and as a collective.

We grow resourcefulness...
Deeper roots; greater fruits. We motivate our students to investigate every resource and inspiration available to them in their pursuit of fresh knowledge.

We nurture reflection...
Thinking back is moving forwards. We invite our students to be mindful and self-aware, and to continually adapt their practice, balancing the pursuit of excellence and their wellbeing.

We treasure respect...
The little things that go a long way. We expect our students be courteous and kind at all times, and to appreciate and celebrate the differences that make us unique.

“seldom seen a school where students are so universally positive and enthusiastic about their learning”.

Ofsted 2016 Report - An Outstanding Academy.