Headteacher's Bulletins

Headteacher's Bulletin - 4 July 2022

Dear Parent or Carer,

Another busy week begins, as we approach the end of term with the continuation of our trial examinations for our Year 12 students. Tuesday and Wednesday this week we will be welcoming Year 6 students to the school for their transition days to help prepare them for joining us in September, and their parents this evening. Our sports department will also be busy this week with the District Athletics Competition taking place on Tuesday 5th July.

Our Year 10 Silver Duke of Edinburgh Expedition students have just returned from two glorious days in the Peak District.  Mrs Cole, one of the members of staff accompanying our students, commented: “They have all worked very hard and done extremely well, fantastic spirit shown by all.”

The MFL department has been celebrating some recent achievements, including one of our Year 10 students being awarded a commendation on a translation contest from Oxford University. We are also very proud of one of our Year 10 Spanish classes who was awarded a silver medal in Nutty Tiles, a UK translation championship against more than 1,100 schools. Congratulations to all the students and Miss March Ferrer for all their hard work and the ‘Telenovelas’ that students filmed in Year 9.

The MFL department has a Year 12 trip to London this week to Mexican Geniuses, a never-before-seen exhibition dedicated to the artwork of Frida and Diego. Our students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the artists' portraits and paintings with a 360-degree digital show and an enveloping sound system.

On Friday the 15th of July, we will be running a non-uniform day which we wanted to share with you. All proceeds will be equally split between this year's chosen charities: British Red Cross for Ukraine, WaterAid, and Florence Nightingale Hospice. The theme for the outfits is house colours with a prize for the most accurate representation of your house spirit. This means that our students are welcome to embrace the colours of whichever house they belong to. Our staff will be joining the theme by including house competitions in their lessons where appropriate. You can find more information about our charities and the House System on our school website. 

The Design Faculty is recruiting a food technician to support the day-to-day running of our outstanding food department. The hours are part-time and are flexible and it is an opportunity to really get involved with the school community and support our students with the practical requirements of studying food and nutrition. If you think this would be of interest to you or anyone you know, please check out our readvertisement SHFGS Vacancies later this week.

School Closure… A final reminder, Jubilee Day-in-Lieu closure - Friday 8th July. Please note that it is not an INSET day and school will be closed.  It is important that students do not arrive at school even though normal bus services etc will continue. Thank you for adding this date to your diary.

I wish you all a good week.


Kind regards,


Ms Cochrane


Headteacher's Bulletin - 27 June 2022

Dear Parent or Carer,

I begin this week with a 'Thank You' to parents and students who have kindly donated a great amount of brilliant books to our library after our recent appeal. Around 400 books have been donated.  I hope your generosity will continue and extend to helping our Sixth Form Development Committee who are asking for donations of any school uniform that you no longer need / has been outgrown.  Please leave any clean, non-initialed items (blazers, ties, PE kit, Performing Arts kit etc) at Reception.  These will be offered for sale at very affordable prices at upcoming school events with all profits going to the Above & Beyond Fund. 

Unfortunately, due to the adverse weather conditions forecast for today; we have had to postpone Sports’ Day. SLT and the Director of Sport met yesterday to take the decision.  Our view was that the student experience would be very much ‘dampened’ both for competitors and those enjoying the other activities throughout the day.  We will confirm a new day soon.  We did post the change for students on their classrooms yesterday but are understanding that not all will have seen the notification and therefore will have been disappointed today.  However, we are confirming a new date which will be communicated soon.

Years 11 and 13 will not however, be disappointed that their examinations come to an end this week! And then comes the turn of Year 12 to follow in their footsteps with end of year trial examinations beginning on Thursday.

On Wednesday, this week we are delighted to return to the Waterside Theatre Aylesbury both our Celebration of Achievement in the afternoon and Summer Concert in the evening.  In the afternoon, all students in school at present (Years 7-10 & Year 12) will make their way to the theatre, the only venue big enough for us all, to be joined by parents of prize winners and governors to celebrate excellence displayed by year groups and in sixth form in all subjects.  There are also a number of special awards given to those who have displayed particular skills.  Taster performances of those to follow in the evening will make the ceremony what it always is - a fantastic showcase of the hard work, dedication and talent of the SHFGS community.  I am very excited to return to these events.

We have had a lovely write up in the ‘Vale Life’ magazine about this year's girls’ cricket launch with Team GB physio Emma Hurst and England Cricketer Fran Wilson.  Check out page 35 of the June/July 2022 edition if you haven’t seen it yet.

 An early warning for our our biennial Careers’ Fair Wednesday 6th July 2022  will take place in the hall and sixth form centre. Over 40 exhibitors from a range of professions, trades, universities, higher education establishments and apprenticeship specialists will be available to provide students with information on career paths, university courses, apprenticeships and work related skills.  Students in school will visit the fair during their timetabled lessons at the following times, and may re-enter during lunch or after school.  For students in Years 11 and 13, Parents, Carers and visitors, the fair will remain open from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m and you are welcome to attend.

Another reminder, Jubilee Day-in-Lieu closure - Friday 8th July. I have previously indicated that the day we have chosen in lieu is 8/7/22.  Please note that this is not an INSET day and school will be closed.  It is important that students do not arrive at school even though normal bus services etc will continue. Thank you for adding this date to your diary.

We are going to have a very busy few weeks; I hope yours are equally productive.


Kind regards,


Ms J Cochrane


Headteacher's Bulletin - 20 June 2022

Dear Parent or Carer,

GCSE and A-level examinations continue to go as smoothly as we could expect for an extended session and for students whose last formal examination was the 11+! Congratulations to all students for the resilience shown.

Congratulations also go to our Student Senior Leadership Team and staff for the activities which raised £1155.55. The money has been donated to the nominated charity - The National Autistic Society.  Another worthy cause supported by our students is the re-use of pre-loved uniform.  Please see Appendix 1 - a letter from our Development Committee.

As part of our PSHE and Life! provision, today and tomorrow Year 12 today will be working with Tender, an arts charity that works with young people to promote healthy relationships and prevent domestic abuse and sexual violence. In small groups, SHFGS students will be participating in a one-hour session, where they will be able to discuss and reflect on healthy relationships in an interactive way.  Having observed a session early this morning, I know they are going well and have been well received.

Tomorrow, some of our Year 9 Buddies and staff will be welcoming Year 6 students who will be new to the school in September.  We run an extra transition day for students who are the only child from their primary school to join us.  In this way they will have met a number of people ahead of the county wide transition days on the 5th and 6th of July.

The Parents' Society are helping at the following events and would welcome volunteers to support what will be fantastic enrichment days for our students.  Each day of the events below, has a morning and afternoon slot but if you can do both - please do sign up twice for the full day! The links are below:

Sports Day 27th June (9.30-3.30)

Enrichment days 18th - 19th July (10-3.30)


Ms J Cochrane


Headteacher's Bulletin - 13 June 2022

Dear Parent or Carer,

Welcome to the week! A-levels and GCSEs examinations continue this week and Year 12 artists join the fray as they have their trial examination this week from Wednesday to Friday.  Speaking of Year 12 preparing for next year, tomorrow our 6th form team will be running our annual ‘Next Steps Day’ which begins the process of preparing for life beyond SHFGS and all of the various avenues available to our talented students.

For parents of Year 11 students of physics, please see the AQA notification in Appendix 1 below, regarding an issue and resolution with Paper 1.

As you are aware there are many co-curricular opportunities for students at the school and engagement in the offer is a key aspect of being a Floydian Scholar.  We are taking part in two such national events this week. On Tuesday we are competing in both the Junior Maths Kangaroo and the Junior Maths Olympiad. For those of a more literary leaning our librarians are running a Carnegie Prize shadowing event on Wednesday. We are working in partnership with St Mary’s School - Aylesbury to enhance their students’ experience of this. If you’d like to find out more about the novels with your child please follow this link

To reiterate the importance of ‘getting involved’ I’m delighted to share with you some really good news about our students as participants in Duke of Edinburgh Award schemes.  SHFGS students dedicated 2184 hours to volunteering between April 2021 and March 2022, with a social value of £10090.08.  As per our expectations, SHFGS students continue to make a positive difference in the world - Reciprocity in action!  This is an incredible achievement and we hope you’re as proud of your students as we are. 

On Thursday, the schools’ nursing team return again this time for vaccinations for Year 9 students, Tetanus and Diphtheria in one injection and Meningitis strains ACWY in another injection for both boys and girls.

We’re excited to announce that next week Elevate will be hosting its next Parent Webinar.  Feedback to the series so far has been fantastic, so don’t miss out on the next session in the series:  Tuesday 14th June (live 6-7pm with live Q&A) - How to Build Your Child's Resilience

Register Here 

This session will cover: 

  • What resilience means, what it doesn’t mean, and why it’s important;

  • How to help build your child's resilience levels, both in and out of school;

  • How to help your child break their 'fear of failure'. 

If you are unable to attend the live event but would like to receive a recording please register with your email address and a recording of the session will be distributed to you afterwards.

We have also attached another very useful resource for parents and carers - the latest edition of the Bucks Skills Hub Classroom to Careers newsletter. See attached.

Last week, I mentioned the challenge of increased staff illness that we have experienced this academic year.  Today, I am pleased to say that it is the first since January that we have not needed to supplement our own cover team with external supply teachers! Long may this continue.  I hope you too have a safe and healthy week.

Ms J Cochrane





Appendix 1


For the attention of the Head of Centre, science teachers and the Exams Officer 

Dear colleague

I wanted to update you on an issue with the advance information for one of our exam papers – and tell you what we’re doing about it.

The final question on our GCSE Physics (8463) Higher Tier Paper 1 on Thursday 9 June 2022 was about energy transfers and circuits.

Energy transfers were listed in the advance information as being assessed – but circuits were unfortunately listed as not being assessed.

To make sure students aren’t disadvantaged, we’ll be awarding everyone full marks for all parts of the question, which were worth a total of 9 marks.

We’re really sorry this has happened, and we’re looking at why our checks didn’t pick this up. We’re also doing continued extra checks on the advance information and question papers for future exams.

If you have questions or would like to speak to someone, please get in touch with our customer support team.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support this summer.

Kind regards

Tracey Newman

Director of Customer and Sales

Headteacher's Bulletin - 7 June 2022

Dear Parent or Carer,

This week we return to school for the final furlong of the first full school year since March 2019!  That in itself is an achievement and has not been without its own challenges, particularly those of staff illness last term which I have written about several times previously.  However, we are in the last half-term of the year; GCSE and A level examinations continue to run smoothly and we are getting ready to welcome our new intake of Year 7 students who will visit us for Induction in July.

You will be able to see some of the fruits of the labours of A level work at this week’s Art exhibition.  Students’ work will be on display after school on Wednesday so please do come and enjoy their talent.  On Friday, Year 12 geographers will be exploring Shoreditch as part of their A level studies.

We are pleased to announce that appointments can now be booked for CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) heart screening for 14-35 year olds on Wednesday 20th July at SHFGS.. Further information about the screening and how to book is attached. Appointments are limited so please book soon to avoid disappointment, places will fill quickly.  More CRY screening events are planned in 2023.  These screenings are funded by The Nic Willoughby Fund in partnership with Heart of Bucks. If you would like to make a donation to help fund future screenings, you can make donations in the following ways:

And finally, I hope you enjoyed some of the Jubilee celebrations last weekend.  This is a photo of our little sapling which is part of  The Queen’s Green Canopy - a unique tree planting initiative created to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.



Everyone from individuals to Scout and Girl guiding groups, villages, cities, counties, schools and corporates have been encouraged to play their part to enhance our environment by planting trees. With a focus on planting sustainably, the initiative encourages the planting of trees as a legacy in honour of Her Majesty’s reign and in order to benefit future generations.  We hope this one will grow to provide shade over our sports field for future Floydians!


Kind regards,

Ms J Cochrane


Headteacher's Bulletin - 23 May 2022

Dear Parent or Carer,

This week is our first with both A level and GCSE examinations running simultaneously since 2018.  It is great to get back to the almost normal way of working but the extended examination period and the toll of emerging from a pandemic presents their own challenges.  Increased requirements for invigilators as well as a national shortage of those willing to do this work means that we have to draft members of staff from other areas into this role.  The knock on effect of that in their increased levels of anxiety and other mental health issues also means our students need a broader range of space available and also increased invigilation numbers.  We are rising to the challenge for now but would like you to understand the position and that other teams may not be carrying out routine tasks during this period so we ask for your patience.  The good news is that our trial examinations suggest that both year groups have worked incredibly hard to prepare, and we are already very proud of what they have achieved.

This week we are also celebrating the diversity of our community by holding our annual Diversity & Inclusion Week.  Below you can see what has gone out to students via their daily bulletin.  I hope we see a lot of up-take from them as many of the events have been suggested through student voice:

GCSE art students’ work will be exhibited in the theatre on Wednesday evening this week, for anyone who would like to view it.  This is a great opportunity for parents or carers to see the talent of their children and also for students in other year groups to see the standard and to be inspired by their peers.  (A level exhibition Wednesday 8th June.)

We are continuing to welcome Year 6 students from local schools to our Science Fairs this week.  The launch on Friday went very well and we expect great things from these budding scientists this week!

Friday is the last day of this half-term and students have one week and one day off.  This is the holiday which encompasses the celebrations for the Platinum Jubilee; schools have been given permission to add a Jubilee holiday to their calendar - that day is Friday 8th July for SHFGS: another key date for your diary.

The school reopens for students on Tuesday 7th June as Monday 6th is an INSET day.  

In partnership with The Nic Willoughby Fund and Heart of Bucks who are funding CRY  (Cardiac Risk in the Young - https://www.c-r-y.org.uk/) , SHFGS will be the venue for a day of heart screenings for 14-35year olds on the 20th July 2022.  We wanted to give you time to put this in your diary if you would like to take advantage of this service.  THe NWF has become the official chosen charity of Starbucks, Aylesbury as of Saturday 21st. The mayor of Aylesbury was in attendance at the unveiling of their contactless donation box (kindly donated by a supporter of The NWF). Please go along for a coffee anytime and show your support. 

Have a safe and healthy week as well as a lovely half-term holiday.

Kind regards,


Ms J Cochrane


Headteacher's Bulletin - 16 May 2022

Dear Parent or Carer,

And so it begins… our return to a more normal school year takes another step forward with the start of public examinations today.  The uncertainty of the past has been difficult for students in examination year groups so it is good to see Year 11 ready for the challenge this morning.  One of the changes that results in the summer exam season is the change to the school day that they need for long afternoon exams demands.  Below is the change of timings until the exams end:

Change of school times:

As of Monday 16th May the school day will change to 2-1-2. 

Period 1: 09.05

Period 2: 10.05

Break: KS3 10.35 / KS4 & 5 11.05

Period 3: 11.35

Lunch: 12.35

Period 4: 13.30

Period 5: 14.30

While examinations begin the rest of the school continues as usual.  Tomorrow sees Year 7’s take part in a Living History workshop on the 100 Years War, with battle re-enactment, long bow and battle demonstrations - in preparation for the next topic. I’m sure they will love that experience.  Parents of Year 7 this is a gentle reminder that students will need to be prepared for all weather conditions as a section of the workshop will be outside. Our theatre visits also continue when students from Years 10 and 6th form attend ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time’ at the Wycombe Swan on Thursday.  Friday also brings back a fantastic experience that we have missed since pre-pandemic.  Our students and science staff will be running Science Fairs on Friday and next week for Year 5 children from our local primary schools.  These community outreach experiences have been curtailed and are so valuable to all; we are delighted that they recommence this week.  Our Year 9 scientists will of course make excellent role models.

We will be saying our formal goodbyes to Year 13, while celebrating their time with us, on Thursday this week.  It is an important moment in the school calendar and we know they will do themselves justice in the coming A levels as they have continued to work incredibly hard over the last two years, irrespective of the tremendous challenges they have faced.  Well done Year 13!

We have had three students selected for 'The Young Artist Summer Show' exhibition at The Royal Academy of Art. The exhibition received over 21,000 entries so it is an amazing achievement that three talented SHFGS artists have been chosen. I have attached images of their chosen pieces below. James (Year 10), Oli (Year 11) and Elliot (Year 11). See below.


The images don’t really do the pieces justice but I hope you can begin to see the talent on show.

The school has accumulated a large amount of lost property this term. Please encourage your child(ren) to come and search lost property if they have mislaid water bottles, clothing, ear pods etc at school since Easter. Any property not claimed before the half term break will be donated to local charities and PE kit will be kept as spare uniform for emergency use only. 

Copious summer sports options and fixtures are also running in earnest so please keep up with what’s happening via the SHFGS Sport @SHFGS_Sport Twitter page.

Have a safe and healthy week,

Ms J Cochrane


Headteacher's Bulletin - 9 May 2022

Dear Parent or Carer,

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and so I have attached a poster on 12 Ways to Boost your well-being which you can use yourself or with your child(ren).  I’m certainly working on numbers 3 and 5!  In case you are not aware, we have comprehensive support systems in school, via the RAO (Raising Achievement Office) to support our young people.  The service includes trained counsellors, 9 staff trained in mental health first aid and also trained student peer mentors who can also sign post students in need.  We have also continued with ‘Temperature Check’ short student surveys so we can see how students are feeling as the year progresses.  Any student who discloses difficulties or feeling unsafe is followed up by our dedicated team.

Tonight a group of students will be off to The Wycombe Swan to watch BalletBoyz billed as an ‘explosion of mesmeric dance, fused with the witty and distinctive use of film and behind the scenes content.’  I’m sure our dance fans will very much enjoy the experience.

It is the end of an era on Thursday, as the 12th is the last day of Year 11 lessons for this year’s GCSE cohort.  The day is always emotional and culminates in a celebration of their time at SHFGS with a leavers’ assembly packed with tributes and performances.  I would take this opportunity via parents to wish Year 11 students every success in their coming examinations.  I will do so in person with our students on Thursday.

An early heads up to all Old Floydians in the parent body… On Friday 1st July, we'll be hosting our inaugural Old Floydians Football and Netball Tournaments.  A great opportunity for past students to come back into SHFGS to re-live school sporting glory or just to catch up with old friends.  If your child is a "second generation" Floydian and you'd like to get involved sign up here:  https://www.oldfloydians.co.uk/events/old-floydian-football-and-netball-tournament-2022.  Or if you're not an Old Floydian but would like to put together a Parents’ Team, contact our development officer - Sarah Bowers - on sbowers@shfgs.co.uk.  

Have a safe and healthy week everyone.

Ms J Cochrane


Headteacher's Bulletin - 3 May 2022

Dear Parent or Carer,

I would like to wish all those in our community who are celebrating Eid - a blessed feast today. Any student who has parental permission to take part in celebrations today will have an authorised absence, so please do make sure that you let our attendance team know that is the reason for absence.

This week our dancers are once again competing.  This time in the Great Big Dance Off, in Oxford - this evening.  We are happy to see the return of our annual Late Night Music event this  Friday at 7pm.  At the point of writing tickets are sold out. It's sure to be a great event for everyone who has been lucky enough to purchase tickets.

It’s a busy week for Year 10 students as their first set of trial GCSE examinations begin today.  I won’t wish them luck, as I know they understand the importance of preparation for such assessments!

I would like to share a report with you from our ‘Quality Assurance Review’ which took place with colleagues from Challenge Partners just before the Easter break.  We are very proud of their findings, especially considering the impact of the pandemic since 2020 and particularly of Covid-19 on staff absence last term.  The report is attached to this email. (Challenge Partners is an education charity, led by practitioners, through which schools collaborate to improve each other and the education system as a whole, so all children benefit.  They work with schools across the country, and focus on school improvement, leadership development and knowledge exchange. Their programmes are grounded in evidence of what works, regular quality assurance, and sharing the collective wisdom in our schools.)

You will have noticed the price of food items provided by Aspens in the school cafe have increased. This is due to the impact of rapidly rising costs of ingredients, transport and labour. The price of the main meal with a dessert will be £2.50. For any students eligible for Free School Meals our allowance per day will remain at £3.00 and there will always be fruit available at 50p.

Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School is proud to be in partnership with the Astra School Centred Initial Teacher Training provider (SCITT), an innovative, Ofsted Outstanding and non-profit organisation which provides outstanding training opportunities for new entrants into the teaching profession.The Astra SCITT is part of the Astra Teaching School Hub, accredited by the DfE as one of only 87 Hubs in the country to offer the 'golden thread' of training and support for teachers at all stages of their career.

Astra is currently recruiting Primary and Secondary trainees in the following subjects/phases across over 50 local selective, non-selective, primary and special schools for 2022-23: Art; Biology; Business; Economics with Business; Chemistry; Computer Science; Drama; English; Geography; History; Maths; Modern Foreign Languages; Music; PE; Physics; RE; Primary; Primary with Maths.  Some part time routes are also available.

We are usually able to offer placements for Art; Biology; Economics with Business; Chemistry; Computer Science; Drama; English; Geography; History; Maths; Modern Foreign Languages; Music; PE; Physics; RE. More information can be found on the DfE train to teach portal, as well as the Astra website, and applications can be made via DfE Apply.  

You may qualify for a generous bursary to train!  To find out more, follow Astra on Twitter https://twitter.com/@astra_hub or visit www.astra-alliance.com, email at hello@astra-alliance.com or contact our school directly. 

We are also recruiting for a number of roles and if you are or know a teacher who might be interested in working at SHFGS - please see our vacancies page. In the main, this increased need is because of ‘backfilling’ required for teachers who have increased responsibilities and therefore reduced teaching time, and also to accommodate an increase in A level teaching hours as per DfE guidelines. One such example is Mr Burge who has been seconded to Deputy Headship for one year while Dr Johnson supports our colleagues at The Kingsbrook School, the new school in our Trust.  We congratulate Mr Burge on this promotion.

We are also struggling to recruit replacement lunchtime supervisors and would like to canvas for parent volunteers to help with site patrol during the afternoon.  If this is something you could  donate some time to please email my EA Miss S Mills (smills@shfgs.co.uk) for a discussion and more detail.

Have a great week.

Ms J Cochrane


Headteacher's Bulletin - 25 April 2022

Dear Parent or Carer, 

Welcome back! I hope you have had an enjoyable break (if you had a holiday which coincided with your childrens).  We are excited to be starting the first term which feels more like ‘normal’ since the pandemic started.  Just before the break, I updated you on the current procedures for students related to Covid-19 symptoms or positive test results.  I have included those again as an Appendix to this bulletin.

Last week, had we been in school I would have celebrated Earth Day by updating you on our Eco-School plans.  The process towards the ‘Green Flag’ eco-schools award by working on the student nominated areas of biodiversity, reducing waste and increasing recycling.  We hope that you will join us in pushing for increased use of water bottles and less single use plastic as well as encouraging your child to use the appropriate bins at school.  

Staffing changes: we welcome a number of new staff to the school team today.  We welcome Mrs K Evans as Assistant Headteacher (Head of Intervention inc SEND), Mrs A Bradley as Faculty Leader for Performing Arts, and Eleanor Bailey - RAO - Attendance Officer. Inevitably we have said goodbye to colleagues too - Mrs Ravjee in chemistry, Mr MacKerras in mathematics and Ms James, one of our lunchtime supervisors.  We wish all colleagues the best in their new opportunities.

Tonight, our Parents’ Society is meeting and are always keen for new members to join.   The meeting is online as it helps working parents to be able to contribute to school life without having to make the journey to Aylesbury in rush hour traffic.  The society is vital to the school’s fundraising and support strategies and I would strongly encourage any member of the community to come along. To join on your computer or mobile app: Click here to join the meeting - the meeting will be at at 7.30pm.

On Wednesday in school, we have the rescheduled Year 8 and 9 HPV immunisations taking place. 

Thursday is a key day in our history as we document the community as it currently stands by having the Whole school photograph taken for the first time since 2017.  Covid has delayed this event and as it is the first of my headship, I am particularly excited about that. It will be important for Year 9s (who have Games on Thursdays) to come in full school uniform, not PE kit in order to take part in the photo. 

Thursday is also Year 10 Parents’ Consultation Evening and a crucial up-date on how students have done in their first year of GCSE courses.  This is a remote consultation session and it would be great if we saw 100% attendance from parents.  

And finally I wanted to remind you of the extra holiday in the school calendar this year as a result of the Queen’s Jubilee.  The Jubliee Day for SHFGS is Friday 8th July so please do make sure you have noted that in your calendars.  

Thank you for your continued support of the school, particularly over a very challenging term with staff illness.  We hope the summer term is a more healthy one for us all.

Ms J Cochrane


Headteacher's Bulletin - 4 April 2022

Dear Parent or Carer, 

I will begin this week with some self-congratulatory news.  Last week we hosted four colleagues from other schools/counties and a lead reviewer who works in school improvement in another county as well as carrying out inspections nationally.  Some highlights from the feedback on Friday were that the lead reviewer felt that we were the best school she had been in, in a very long time and a visiting Executive Headteacher wished that her daughter could come to a school like SHFGS.  Thanks to the SLT and the school team who made the visit so successful.  Our proposed Area of Excellence - Harnessing Technology was accredited by the team - who described the decision as a ‘no-brainer’!

More success last week and a first in SHFGS history was when our U13 Girls Football team won the Buckinghamshire County Cup on Thursday. Well done to the team and their coach Mr Perkins!

The holy month of Ramadan began at the weekend, and I would like to take this opportunity to wish, all those who observe this religious time, a blessed Ramadan.

This week is Charity Week and what a week of activities our student leaders have planned - including Gunge a teacher, Wax a teacher, Student vs Teacher Quiz and I will be delighted to return to performing in Lip Sync Battle on Friday! The Krispy Kreme donuts sale has again been an immense success - 720 doughnuts are to be collected on Thursday. By ordering from Krispy Kreme the school is contributing directly to their ‘Gift Trees’ scheme which plants trees in the developing world to provide food, income and education to the communities that plant them, whilst also offsetting the carbon impact of production and delivery.   This year’s other student nominated charities are: Water Aid, Lindengate and Florence Nightingale Hospice.   Parents - please feel free to support with donations via your child each day and allow them to attend in non-uniform, but school appropriate clothes on Friday: the last day of this term. 

Digital supermarket voucher for Easter holidays - Buckinghamshire Council are providing families, who qualify,  with a £60 digital code, which can be redeemed at a number of supermarkets.  If you feel you should qualify but have not received the letter from us please let us know by emailing examsanddata@shfgs.co.uk with ‘Supermarket Vouchers’ in the address bar.  

If you have received the letter and have problems redeeming the code, BC ask that you visit Select Essentials (http://www.buckinghamshirecouncil.select-essentials.co.uk

and enter the 16-digit unique code manually.

If you have a problem with this you can complete the online contact form (https://buckinghamshirecouncil.select-essentials.co.uk/ContactUs) or call 0344 693 9901, open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday and 9am to 6pm on Sunday.

If both of these options have been explored and you still need to speak to BC, please complete the following voucher help form (www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/foodvouchers).  

I wrote to inform you of the changes to Covid-19 measures and guidance last week but have included a summary by Buckinghamshire Public Health here:

The new April 1st guidance is now online here - https://www.gov.uk/guidance/people-with-symptoms-of-a-respiratory-infection-including-covid-19 - the key points for your child’s attendance at school are below:

When children and young people with symptoms should stay at home and when they can return to education

  • Children and young people with mild symptoms such as a runny nose, sore throat, or slight cough, who are otherwise well, can continue to attend their education setting.
  • Children and young people who are unwell and have a high temperature should stay at home and avoid contact with other people, where they can. They can go back to school, college or childcare, and resume normal activities when they no longer have a high temperature and they are well enough to attend.

Children and young people aged 18 years and under who have a positive test result

  • It is not recommended that children and young people are tested for COVID-19 unless directed to by a health professional.

  • If a child or young person has a positive COVID-19 test result they should try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for 3 days after the day they took the test, if they can. After 3 days, if they feel well and do not have a high temperature, the risk of passing the infection on to others is much lower. This is because children and young people tend to be infectious to other people for less time than adults.

  • Children and young people who usually go to school, college or childcare and who live with someone who has a positive COVID-19 test result should continue to attend as normal.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all students and parents a restful break and a very Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.  School closes on Friday 8th April and reopens on Monday 25th April for the summer term.

Ms J Cochrane


Headteacher's Bulletin - 28 March 2022

Dear Parent or Carer, 

Firstly, let me begin with thanks to our Parents’ Society for the Family Quiz event which many parents and children in Years 7 & 8 enjoyed on Friday night.  It was lovely to see families back in the hall for this evening which hasn’t run since 2019 and for some it was their first actual on-site visit.  Special thanks to Deputy Headteacher Mr Holdsworth whose quizmastering rivals that of Tarrant or Clarkson in our own ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionnaire’ style test of school knowledge.  I was happy to act as ‘phone a friend’ and that I knew most of the answers! Thanks also to student helpers who made the night run smoothly and for providing entertainment during the interval.

This week, we are looking forward to welcoming colleagues from a number of other schools to help us carry out a comprehensive self-review.  As you may be aware we are part of a national organisation called Challenge Partners in order to promote continuous school improvement.  Our visitors will include a trained Inspector, an executive headteacher, a headteacher and two deputy headteachers.  We are confident that it will be an enriching experience and one from which we can learn a lot in our journey of continuous school improvement.  Last week, as part of a Buckinghamshire initiative we hosted a review of our provision for disadvantaged students.  I am delighted to report that the reviewer who has visited over 700 schools nationally for this purpose reported that our ‘relentless commitment to  poverty proofing is second to none’.

On Wednesday the University of Bedfordshire will be running a Careers Afternoon by speaking to our budding professional dancers. Speaking of careers, please also see the latest Classroom to Careers flyer attached.

Kudos to our Performing Arts Faculty staff for organising another theatre trip.  They really have taken on the idea that students have missed out on such experiences in the last two years.  On Thursday, students will see the classic - A Woman in Black.  I have never authorised more trips than those arranged recently.  I commend their commitment, especially given how we have been impacted by staff illness recently.  

On that note, we have not instigated remote learning for any year groups as yet but we may have to this week, given that Year 11 and 13 examinations have finished and all year groups have returned to lessons.  We have managed cover today but if staff illness increases tomorrow we may have to have at least one year group at home on Wednesday or Thursday.  We will up-date you as early as possible tomorrow.

Have a good week, 

Ms J Cochrane

Headteacher's Bulletin - 21 March 2022

Dear Parent or Carer

This week, unfortunately we are seeing increases in Covid-19 cases among staff and students. Two classes in lower school have been advised to return to wearing masks and many classes are being covered.  We are not yet so compromised that we are considering remote learning for any students but that is mainly because Year 11 teachers are available for cover (while Year 11 undertake trial examinations).  We ask for your patience and understanding with staff illness, the likes of which we have never experienced before this term.  Should arrangements need to change due to this pressure, I will of course endeavour to let you know as early as possible, in what is a highly dynamic situation.

While we are starting the week under some pressure, we will definitely end on some fun with the return of our Year 7 Family Challenge - a social evening exclusively for you and your children. Friday 25th March, at 7pm-9.30pm in the school hall. A light supper (pizza!) is included , and there will be a licensed bar.  Tickets are available now via Eventbrite and cost £10 per person which includes a booking fee of £1.01. Click here to buy your tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/year-7-family-challenge-tickets-292743753447

We're hoping to run a bake sale on the evening and really need support from all year groups in donating cakes, biscuits, or any other baked goodies! Please bring any donations (homemade or shop bought - they are all welcome!) to Reception on Friday 25th March. Please note that we are a NUT FREE school.  As part of FSA allergens guidance, commonly known as Natasha's Law, any foods sold in school must be labelled if they contain any of the following allergens: cereals containing gluten (flour), eggs, milk, nuts, peanuts, mustard, molluscs, sesame seeds, fish crustaceans, soya, celery lupin, sulphur dioxide (dried fruit, vinegar, fruit and veg juices).  If homemade, please include a label / list of any allergens in your donation.   Thank you in advance for your support! 

This month’s Online Safety Newsletter features an information piece on Snapchat - a favoured social platform that, in my experience, parents don’t use or understand.  I urge you to have a look by following the link here - March 2022.

We are seeing an increasing number of parents attempting to park on school grounds when dropping off and collecting students. Please use the Morrisons car park and allow your child(ren) the 5 minute walk from there into school. It is healthier, and limits congestion that we are experiencing on site.  School buses are struggling to pass between cars parked in bays and those pulled up for drop-off.  The risks of both vehicles being damaged is increased, not to mention that a child could be hit. The school is aiming for a Green Flag Eco-Schools environmental award, and this will also help us to achieve it.  Many thanks in anticipation of your cooperation.  No car should use the bus exit to enter the school site at the Performing Arts Block.

I would like to remind parents that when reporting a student absence to use the following email address rather than calling the school: absence@sirhenryfloyd.co.uk. This will ensure it gets to the Absence Team in a timely manner.

And finally, SHFGS will be taking Friday 8th July as our ‘Jubilee Day’, please add that date to your diary.

Have a good week, 

Ms J Cochrane