Floydian Scholar Learner Profile

Floydian Scholar

As a student at Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School,  you become part of a thriving community. In it, we celebrate each other's successes and achievements, as well as understanding that with challenges, there are sometimes set backs that offer opportunities to grow. 

As a Floydian Scholar there are several values that we encourage in all of our pupils:

Respect - We are proud to be part of SHFGS, promoting the school's values and embracing our diverse community. 

Resourcefulness - We are curious and ask insightful questions. We make links across the curriculum and the outside world to develop ideas. We capitalise on a range of resources to build knowledge and solve problems. 

Resilience - We persevere when learning is challenging and learn from the process of failure. We train and prepare through practice. We approach new situations with a 'can do' attitude. 

Reciprocity - We work together to inspire, challenge and achieve. We empathise with others, listening to new perspectives. We improve our performance by seeking out excellent role models and emulating them. 

Reflectiveness - We plan for the future and evaluate the progress towards reaching ambitious goals. We understand what research says about ways of learning and employ strategies which are proven to work.