Extreme or unconventional hairstyles

These may include - shaven lines or tramlines, extreme differences in lengths, shaven completely bald, very high spiking or ‘up-dos, any hairstyle which could impede the view of other students, mohican, patterning or animal print-like designs - this is not an exhaustive list.

Sample images of extremes

(Please note that will the link states ‘men’ - we see these as extreme for any SHFGS student.)

Possessions Guidelines – All

Please note that disregarding the information below will lead to confiscation of the item(s).

Personal possessions brought into school are at the owner’s risk. The school does not have insurance to cover loss, theft or damage to personal possessions. Students should check those valuable items are insured by personal/home insurance.

All students are requested to hand in items for safe-keeping prior to PE and Performing Arts lessons/shows/sports matches when they are using the changing rooms. 


Bucks Schoolwear PlusKitlocker

Hand In Items






7, 8, 9, 10 & 11




Plain, small, round stud(s)

for ears

Gold or silver

Only one stud per ear

No rings

No bracelets

No necklaces or similar

No jewellery in a body piercing (other than ears) during the school day


May be worn except during PE lessons

Mobile phones, iPods, music players etc.

Only to be used in nominated areas during specific publicised times.