Worried About a Child?

Floydian Scholar Profile

We build a diverse community of inquisitive young minds and deliver a contemporary grammar school education which challenges and inspires.

We give our students the stimuli to spark their imagination and encourage them to ‘think big’, both inside and outside the classroom.

We motivate our students to push their boundaries, to explore something new and to emerge as visionary young adults.

It’s about discovery…

…providing a broad curriculum which challenges and inspires all students.

It’s about individuality...

...ensuring that every student is transformed into their best self.

It’s about togetherness…

…a culture of sharing and spurring each other on to achieve.


Curriculum Intention

The School intends to design and offer a curriculum, at all levels, characterised by:

Breadth – students experience a range of aspects of learning (knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes) and cognitive skills (aesthetic/creative, analytical, moral, linguistic, mathematical, spiritual, scientific/technical, physical) and supportive co-curricular experiences

Challenge  - intellectually and personally - students will be given a strong academic foundation in the arts, humanities, modern foreign languages, creative and performance areas, sciences, social sciences, technologies. Each aspect of learning and each cognitive or physical skill is valued

Inspiration – our students will be presented with diverse and inspiring role models who challenge stereotypes and excel in their chosen field, sparking the imagination of  students

Coherence – students’ experiences are planned holistically rather than as discrete elements; key knowledge and skills are revisited for consolidation 

Sequencing – students’ experiences incorporate short and long-term goals in which cumulative learning, and cognitive skills are developed, improved and retained

Relevance – students’ experiences relate to: previous learning, the future, to employment, to the necessary cultural capital needed to succeed and their world and can be applied to life

Individuality – all students have as unrestricted a choice as is possible for the school to provide, and experiences are designed to meet their needs, adapting and making reasonable adjustments where necessary. Diversity is respected and embraced

Creativity -  students have the opportunity to challenge established thought, question the world they are in; to imagine; be inventive and original.  Their work is facilitated and enhanced by technology.

Awareness - Personal, social, emotional, cultural and global via themes: social justice and equity, identity and diversity, globalisation and interdependence, sustainable development, peace and conflict, human rights, power and governance  

Enrichment - co-curricular experiences are offered to complement and extend students’ knowledge, understanding and skills 

Togetherness - a culture of sharing ideas, experience and spurring each other on to achieve.

Innovation - ideas, subjects and teaching will enable students to explore, research and use all the tools to uncover something new, look at problems and solve them

Successful Implementation of the Curriculum Means:

  • We effectively allocate the school’s teaching and learning resources (staff, accommodation, facilities, materials, expertise)
  • We respond to change in students' needs rapidly and effectively in the short and long-term 
  • We provide character-building opportunities for students, measured against the Floydian Scholar attributes 
  • We use of the school’s assessment and marking policy as diagnostic and developmental tools and report on progress to students and their parents or carers
  • We make our curriculum offer accessible and comprehensible to students irrespective of cultural background or personal circumstances  
  • We achieve an appropriate balance between the needs of individuals and of groups
  • We involve all stakeholders but primarily staff, students, parents and governors as partners in learning
  • We structure and plan after consultation, opinion and advice from staff, students and salient others so that the end-product reflects collective thinking
  • We comply with the relevant statutory requirements

Impact of The Curriculum

  • Each student achieves the best possible outcomes for themselves in terms of knowledge, skills, qualifications and social engagement

  • Each students chooses the appropriate pathway for them and can access their preferred choices
  • Each students leaves the school ready and willing to join society as a responsible, aware and active, global citizen