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Academic Curriculum

The curriculum at SHFGS is academic, ambitious and founded on the school vision.  The curriculum is challenging and is not narrowed at any Key Stage; the school teaches a very broad range of subjects throughout Years 7 to 9, encompassing and going beyond National Curriculum subjects. We offer18 subjects at KS3, 20 at KS4 and 24 at KS5. The EBacc lies at the heart of the KS3 curriculum, in line with the DfE’s ambition. The subjects of the EBacc form a strong academic foundation for both the KS4 curriculum and A levels in KS5. As much freedom of choice as possible is allowed when students have opportunities to select subjects; parents and carers at SHFGS are strongly in favour of this approach.

Curriculum Policy

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Key Stage 3 Assessment

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Options - for Year 9

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