Year 7s Clean House!

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15 Jun

The Great BIG School Clean!

Last week our Year 7 students researched how much waste the UK produces each year, how much waste the average UK household produces and how much is recycled each year in the UK.

The students were surprised to find out that the average family produces a tonne of waste each year, and that although 50% of UK waste is recycled we can all do more.

As part of our Eco-school programme we decided to take part in the Great BIG school Clean,  an initiative run by Tidy Britain, whose mission was to walk a million miles collecting litter - equivalent to walking to the moon and back twice.

All Year 7 students finished lessons early to take part in a litter pick around the school grounds. 

Over a 3 day period the students volunteered 2700 minutes or 45 hours.  Tidy Britain Group calculated that, using a slow walking pace of three miles per hour, students walked 135 miles.

Students collected a whopping 23kg of waste and recycling!

Well done Year 7 - an amazing effort.