Worried About a Child?

Transition to Sixth Form

We want to help you grow into your best self and we are delighted that you are choosing to study with us at our Sixth Form. It is an exciting challenge moving from Year 11 to Year 12.  To make the transition easier you will find useful information below to help understand more about the subject choices on offer. 

Art & Design

Art Transition Material


Biology A Level Transition Pack A Level BiologyBiology textbook - all student get free online accessBiology Revision Guide


In order to be successful with chemistry in the 6th form, it is important that you have a solid understanding and knowledge of the fundamental aspects of the subject. Over the summer, we would like you to complete the attached booklet in preparation for a baseline test, which you will have in your first lesson in September. 

If you have done the Combined Trilogy GCSE, rather than GCSE Chemistry, see the attached list of topic areas that you will need to go through to fill in the gaps. The CGP revision guide for AQA GCSE Chemistry or the physics and maths tutor web-site will be suitable resources:

Physics and maths tutor

If you feel confident in your knowledge and understanding of GCSE topics, I have attached an A level unit on Atomic Structure which you can work through as extension material.

Differences between combined trilogy GCSE and GCSE ChemistryAQA transition from KS4 to KS5 guidePiXL Independence KS5 Chemistry Atomic Structure Booklet

Computer Science 

Computer Science A level transition


A Level Dance transitions materials

Drama and Theatre

SHFGS Drama and Theatre KS5 Transition Tasks


Economics A guide to A level


Yr12 transition English Literature


Preparing for A Level Geography


Transition Materials A Level History C20th BritainTransition Materials A Level History C20th America


La TechnologiePortable inductionPortable pour ou contrePortable uses


GCSE and A Level Mathematics


Music Year 12 Transition WorkMusic Appendix 1 The Elements of MusicMusic Appendix 2 Staff NotationMusic Appendix 3 Schumann Piano Concerto in Gm


A Level PE Transition Work PE - Bridging The Gap from GCSE to A Level


Transition Pack A Level Physics

Philosophy, Religion and Ethics

Sophie's worldPhilosophy, Religion and Ethics transition work


Psychology Transition MaterialPsychology AQA Specification


Politics A Level Summer Reading List