‘Smart business wear’ is compulsory for all Sixth Form students.

Please see our Uniform Policy below and a list of all required items as well as other useful information.

Uniform Policy (Updated April 2022)

  • We have a Uniform Policy and clear expectations in the Sixth Form to ensure that personal appearance does not detract from the purpose of being in the Sixth Form, namely to achieve academic success and prepare you for life beyond school. 
  •  All members of the Sixth Form are expected to set an example to younger students through their appearance as well as through their behaviour.
  • The Uniform Policy applies at all times whilst a student is in school. This includes examination and study leave periods. The only exceptions to this will be communicated in advance by staff, e.g. mufti days, Enrichment Days, weekend rehearsals.
  • The Uniform Policy also applies for trips and visits away from the school unless communication by staff in advance advises this is not the case.
  • Skirts and dresses are required to reach at least mid-thigh; the test for this is whether with straight arms the skirt falls easily below the tips of the student’s fingers. Any skirt or dress that is of a tight and ‘clingy’ material is likely to ride up during the day inadvertently and is therefore not appropriate for school.
  • All students sign an agreement to comply with the published Uniform Policy on entry into the Sixth Form. 

If parents/carers wish an exception to the Uniform Policy, appearance and possessions guidelines to be made for their child they should state their case in writing, in advance, to the Headteacher. 

Further detail on styles and unacceptable items etc can be found in the Parent and Student Handbook.

Parent and Student Handbook