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Key Stage 5 - A Levels

Sixth Form Options Booklet September 2023

Advanced Level GCE

Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School offers post-16 courses exclusively at A Level. All students will be required to study three subjects at A Level.

The only exception to this will be:

  • Students who opt for further mathematics as they will study two A levels alongside A levels in maths and further maths
  • Students who have a number of high GCSE grades.  Such students should indicate their wish to be considered on their application form. A place on a 4th A Level course will only be offered if a student’s school reference suggests that they will achieve highly at GCSE and their place on the 4th  A Level will only be confirmed once GCSE results are known.

There will no longer be an option for students to discontinue a subject at the end of year 12 having completed the AS portion of their course. All students entering Year 13 must study 3 A Levels. Further information on subjects offered at GCE A Level can be found in the Sixth Form Prospectus.

View Our Sixth Form ProspectusStudents who do best in our Sixth Form are prepared to read and research beyond the taught curriculum. They are curious and want to learn more for themselves and they are willing to prepare for the Sixth Form by strengthening the depth and breadth of their knowledge.

Please see our recommended reading list below:

Reading around your A Level Subjects