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Coronavirus Advice For Families

What to do if you or a member of your household has symptoms or tests positive for Covid-19

What do I need to do if my child is unwell?

As a parent/carer, you must:

  • Not send your child to school if they have, or are showing any symptoms of, COVID-19 (a new continuous cough, a high temperature, or a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste or smell).
  • Collect your child from school if they become unwell during the school day with any symptoms of COVID-19. If this is the case, parents will be contacted immediately.

  • Book a test if your child is displaying symptoms. Anyone can get a coronavirus test, whatever their age. A test is not required if you are not showing symptoms.

  • Inform the school immediately if a test is positive.

  • If your child tests positive (whether they have symptoms or are asypmtomatic), you must ensure your child continues to self-isolate for ten days, unless they have two negative LFT on days *five and *six. *Tests must also be taken 24hrs apart. 

  • Symptoms (cough/loss of smell taste) can last for several weeks once the infection has gone. This should not stop your child returning to school unless new symptoms develop.

You may find the following government guidance helpful:

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